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About Pandit Ramchandra Dubey

Pt. Ramchandra Dubey born on 29th Dec 1910 in Village Bara, hazaribagh District, Bihar (now it is in Chatra Disctrict, Jharkhand). He was a great Vocalist and Harmonium player as well. He belonged to a musicial family background in which his Grandfather Pt. Bakhori Viritya, father Pt. Jhumak Vritiya and Brother Pt. Vasudev Vritiya, Pt. Devki Vritiya and Pt. Sugrim Vritiya were court musician of the kingdom of Kunda maharaj and Logardagga maharaj. Pt. Dubey started to visit the kingdom with their father and elder brothers for support of music and the journey started from there only. He stays at his village and that was the era in which no media and all were very reachable and active to everyone that's why Pt. Dubey was not recognized that much according to his potential.

Historical Background & Tradition

Dubey family is representing the 6the generation of musical journey.


Begining to 2nd Gen

Pt. Ramchandra Dubey belonged to the same family in which, his Grandfather Pt. Bakhori Vritiya, father Pt. Jhumak Vritiya and his Younger brother Pt. Vasudev Vritiya and Pt. Devki Vritiya, Pt. Sugrim Vritiya were the court musician.


Third Generation

Pt. Dubey represented 3rd musical generation of this family where his nephews Pt. Sri Shiv Kumar Dubey, Pt. Sri Badrinarayan Dubey, Pt. Sri Dinanath Dubey and Pt. Sri Sitaram Dubey represented 4rth musical generation of this family.


Fourth Generation

His Son Sri Ganesh Dubey is leading Musician of 4rth generation


Fifth Generation

Sri Narendra Dubey, Sri Jitendra Dubey, Sri Sunil Dubey, Sri Pankaj Kumar Dubey, Sri Pravin Kumar Dubey and Mrs Sanju Dubey(Mishra) is representing the 5th Generation


Sixth Generation

Sri Abhinaw Kumar Dubey, Smt Nandini Duney (Pathak), Sri Sneh Prabhat Dubey, Sri Sneh Ashish Dubey, Sri Sneh Prakash Dubey and Sri Kumar Kaushik are he leading musicians of the 6th generation of this family.

Our Team

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