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Welcome to Pandit Ramchandra Dubey Memorial Trust

Pandit Ramchandra Dubey Meorial Trust is a public charitable trust as a Non- governmental Organization. Whereas, the settler (Pravin Kumar Dubey) is desirous to establish the national level Non -Governmental Organization(NGO) as a public charitable trust for public charitable and welfare objects creating facilities for the benefit of society at large more specifically for objects and purposes to Social Development, Social Welfare, Social Equality, Social Justice, Social Awareness, Cultural Development, Maintain and perform Cultural programs, Conservation of Cultural Concepts and Cultural Heritage, Conserve, Spread and Promote Indian Musical Traditions, Promotion of Education, Health, Rural, Urban, Economic and Technical Development, Welfare of Youth, Children, Girls, Women, Old aged People, destitute and Welfare of needy persons, Communities and masses by improving the life standards and status of society. For the formation of the trust the founder has aim and mission to create and develop options, opportunities and devoted to promote the Indian Culture across the India and at global level specifically for Classical Music (Vocal, Instrumental and Dances) The aim of the trust is also promotes and perform Indian Traditional and Contemporary Poetry and Mushaira (Poetic symposium to perform poems and traditional Ghazals) by using suitable platform and media.


AIM of Pandit Ramchandra Dubey memorial Trust

The Aim Of The Trust Is To Promotes And Perform Indian Traditional And Contemporary Poetry And Mushaira (Poetic Symposium To Perform Poems And Traditional Ghazals) By Using Suitable Platform And Media.

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